Wireless Security Audit

Wireless Security Audit

Our wireless security audit reviews the security measures taken to protect a wireless network. It typically includes a thorough assessment of the network’s hardware and software systems, as well as its overall architecture. The audit can uncover any security vulnerabilities or risks that could be exploited by malicious actors, and suggest ways to enhance the security of the system.

During our wireless security audit, the hardware and software components of the network are analyzed for potential risks. This includes examining the firewall, antivirus software, encryption protocols, authentication mechanisms, and other security measures. The audit would also cover the software that runs on the network, as well as any external services and communications protocols used. The audit would identify any weaknesses or gaps in the system that could be exploited by malicious actors and suggest countermeasures to address them.

After the wireless security audit is completed, the team would develop a security strategy to address any vulnerabilities identified. This strategy would include recommendations for patching or updating any software or hardware components, as well as any other countermeasures that can help to mitigate any discovered issues. In addition, the team would also create a plan of action to ensure that any issues are taken care of on time, such as deploying security patches or updates and monitoring the systems for any potential new issues.

Benefits of Conducting a Wireless Audit with Supreme Cyber

Detect Vulnerabilities: Our initial focus is on detecting the issues in the security posture of your WLAN, to promote improved security and mitigate any uncertainty of a breach.

Maximize Security: After detecting the issues, it becomes easier to attain most of the security for your wireless infrastructure by diagnosing and fixing the security issues.

Risk Mitigation: This includes mitigation of potential risks and strengthens the security structure of WLAN, which enables you to increase productivity for your business.

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