Source Code Review

Source Code Review

As part of our security assessment portfolio, we also specialize in source code review. Source code analysis can not only identify which statement, on which line of code is vulnerable, but can also identify the tainted variable that introduces the vulnerability, and can illustrate the propagation from the root cause to the end result. This provides application developers with an end-to-end overview of each instance of vulnerability, allowing them to quickly understand the nature of the problem.

Source code security reviews involve scanning a codebase for vulnerabilities, best practices, and other potential security issues. The review also involves ensuring that the code meets industry-standard security protocols. It can help to identify potential risks and weaknesses in the code that could be exploited by malicious actors.

This review includes examining source code for coding errors, code structure, security compliance, and security best practices, as well as any implementation flaws which could lead to vulnerabilities. Depending on the source code being reviewed, the review may also include a static security analysis, dynamic security testing, and other security methods.

In addition to the review itself, a source code security review may also include a security audit. This audit looks for any potential security breaches, loopholes, or vulnerabilities. It also evaluates whether or not existing security controls are sufficient. The security audit can help identify any gaps or weaknesses in the system, and suggest changes or improvements to ensure that the code is as secure as possible.

Our code review team has years of experience both creating applications and conducting secure code reviews. We use a combination of automated and manual reviews to find and suggest fixes for coding errors that may eventually lead to serious security issues.

Benefits of our Source Code Review

  • Quick Results: Easily and quickly inspect flaws with the code analysis at the root level.
  • Deep Analysis: Analyze the complete code structure of the web application to find out the root of security issues.
  • Overcome Limitations: Finds insecure configurations and weak spots to detect attack platforms.
  • Detailed Reports: A detailed report is given, which includes the strengths and weaknesses of the application code.
  • Provide Solutions: We also provide our clients with code-level solutions to keep the applications protected.
  • Meet Standards: We satisfy the compliance standards including PCI DSS standards.

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