At Supreme Cyber, we actively assist organizations in achieving PA DSS compliance. The Payment Application Data Security Standard comprises a set of security requirements developed by the payment card industry to actively ensure the security and compliance of payment applications with industry regulations. The standard includes 10 requirements that cover areas such as secure installation, data encryption, and incident response. Adherence to the standard helps organizations ensure that their payment processing activities are conducted securely and in compliance with industry regulations.

As part of our PA DSS Compliance offering, we offer the following services:

Helping you identify the specific PA DSS requirements that apply to you:

All payment applications work differently, with each designed for a different credit card environment and processing method. In addition to these, there are different platforms, programming languages, integration methods, and payment gateway channels. Identifying which Payment Application Data Security Standard requirements are most relevant to you and making sure each component of your app is secure are complex tasks. Our experience with securing payment applications makes us uniquely qualified to help you meet your PA DSS compliance requirements.

Conducting Gap Analysis: Our Gap Analysis service actively compares your application’s existing security configuration to the pertinent Payment Application Data Security Standard requirements, pinpointing gaps for your awareness. We exceed the mere attainment of minimal compliance prerequisites by ensuring that the recommended compliance enhancements can seamlessly integrate into your particular environment, thus ensuring the active security of your application.

Charting out a plan to close all the gaps: Supreme Cyber can help both your application development team and your stakeholders to prioritize PA DSS compliance efforts and implement the changes necessary to close all security gaps. We help you draft a comprehensive plan to achieve compliance.

Secure Code Review: Our security experts review the application’s source code to identify the parts that relate to PA DSS controls, and scan these for bugs. We do some basic threat modeling before the code review to identify coding errors that may have caused security holes in the application.

Assessing Application Security: Our Application Security Assessment service actively seeks out security risks and threats in accordance with the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) guidelines and the OSSTMM standard.

Attestation by a PA DSS Qualified Security Assessor: The final stage of the PA DSS Compliance service involves a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) validating your compliance with the standard’s requirements. We partner with QSAs to attest to and maintain your compliance with PA DSS.

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