Connected Car Security Audit

Connected Car Security Audit

Our connected car security audit reviews the security measures taken to protect a connected car or similar vehicle. It typically includes a thorough assessment of the vehicle’s hardware and software systems, as well as its overall architecture. The audit can uncover any security vulnerabilities or risks that could be exploited by malicious actors, and suggest ways to enhance the security of the system.

Why connected car security poses a threat

Connected cars present a disconcerting mix of physical dangers and privacy concerns. As we suggested, millions of lines of code alongside open connectivity present countless opportunities for hackers. The result is that malicious actors can take an opportunistic approach around several areas:

Sniffing for data. Connected fleets will inevitably be transmitting a stream of data that can be intercepted and used for ill intent. This data can be sold on to the highest bidder, opening up the confidential internals of logistics operations, or simply creating further vulnerabilities through public exposure.

Insider threats. Code and connectivity create opportunities for insiders that have plans and goals that run contrary to those of their employers. Stamping out the opportunities for actors that wish to manipulate data and connectivity for personal gain is extremely difficult, creating a trust issue – how can the data and operations of connected fleets be trusted in such an open environment?

Manipulating vehicle sensors and features. While, in the past, cars were technology islands, the increasingly connected nature of cars implies that external actors can reach straight into vehicles to cause real-time damage, or to act out more subtly manipulative plans: manipulating fuel economy for example.

During our connected car security audit, the vehicle’s components and systems are analyzed for potential risks. The audit would cover the software that runs on the vehicle, as well as any external services and communications protocols used.

After the connected car security audit is completed, the team would develop a security strategy to address any vulnerabilities identified. This strategy would include recommendations for patching or updating any software or hardware components, as well as any other countermeasures that can help to mitigate any discovered issues.

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