Configuration Audit

Configuration Audit

Our team of experts has many years of experience in auditing Configuration, An organization’s system configuration is evaluated as part of a configuration audit to make sure it complies with best practices and industry standards and that all security features are configured correctly and up-to-date.

Configuration audits can cover topics such as software/hardware configurations, user authentication settings, network access controls, and system settings. The goal of a configuration audit is to identify any potential security risks or misconfigurations which could be exploited by malicious attackers and provide actionable recommendations for remediation. Our security experts will evaluate the system setup during the audit to make sure that it complies with all relevant standards, best practices, and legal requirements.

Supreme Cyber would run Configuration Audits of the software and hardware components of your information system. The goal of such audits is to proactively identify configuration-related directives that could reduce security whilst ensuring that current configurations comply with the target architecture.

For these audits, the methodology is based on our R&D as well as on the hardening guides provided by the software vendor of the audited solution (Windows, Linux, etc.), plus any guides provided by ANSSI or CIS.

For example, our audits can cover, among others, Active Directory solutions, Windows operating systems (7, 8, 10, Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016), any Linux operating system, MySQL databases, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle SQL, etc. Below, by way of illustration, we see some recommendations resulting from a configuration audit.

The audit would also evaluate the organization’s user authentication policies, access controls, and other security measures. Additionally, the audit would take into consideration the organization’s internal processes and the potential for human error. The audit would culminate with a comprehensive report containing actionable recommendations for mitigating any identified risks.

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